Hello and welcome to Money Empowerment Academy, the Central Valley’s first and only provider of financial literacy summer camps, after-school programs, workshops, and seminars for our youth that are aligned with the California State Curriculum Standards!

Our classes, Personal Finance 101 and Entrepreneurship 101-Beyond the Lemonade Stand, are designed to help our young people become fluent in the language of money. Our classes are not just about theoretical education on how to open a bank account or balance a checkbook. That is what our school system provides.

Here at MEA, we teach students real-life financial skills! We educate them on how money works! We teach them how to gain power over money and start building true wealth because we believe that there is more to life than just financial success.

Our goal is to make their journey towards acquiring money skills and making money a fun and exciting adventure for them!
We empower today’s youth by teaching them to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Their journey begins here!