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Auto Shoppers Beware-Rule of 78 vs Simple Interest

The Rule of 78 is a practice by the automobile lending industry which tricks the borrower into receiving a lower rebate when the car loan is paid ahead of schedule or before the end of the term of the loan. This rule is also known as the sum-of-the-year’s digit method, factoring 1 through 12, representing […]

It’s Tax Time! Are you getting all the deductions you are entitled to get?

Tax time is both rewarding and taxing! Rewarding, because, if you are diligent and on top of all the the deductions you were entitled during 2017, then, it will be a breeze to do your taxes and get all the credits you are entitled to get. Taxing, is when you have been careless and paying […]

Annuities and Retirement Planning

An annuity is an investment product issued only by an insurance company designed to grow in value and then pay you a stream of guaranteed monthly payments starting at a later date, or a set date, usually corresponding to your retirement. You should consider an annuity only after you have maxed out other tax-advantaged retirement […]