Entrepreneurship 101 – Beyond the Lemonade Stand

Lesson 1 – What is an Entrepreneur?


Help students understand the definition of an entrepreneur.
Help students identify money-making opportunities that are right for them.
Help students understand the pros and cons between starting a business and buying an existing one.

Lesson 2 – Business Startup Kit


Introduce students to the checklist before starting a business.
Introduce students to the different business structure.

Lesson 3 – Create Your Business Plan – Business Plan Basics


Help students understand the importance of a well-written business plan.
Help students identify the different components of a business plan.

Lesson 4 – Establishing the Business – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!


Help students prepare their company finances.
Help students explore sources of funding – personal, family, loans, grants, etc.
Help students understand the different rules and regulations affecting their business.
Help students explore different avenues to market their products.

Lesson 5 – Making the Grade, Realizing Your Vision


Help students monitor and analyze business performance.

Teach students simple financial tools and ratios.

Help students understand customer retention.


For Students 7th through 12th Grade
Limited to 15 Students per Session (Please register early).

Classes are forming right now.

Come ready with a business in mind!

After-School Hours 3:00-5:30 P.M., Monday-Friday
Student Fee $225 Per Session

For questions or additional information, please call Nida Palmore at 559.473.7556.