On Entrepreneurship, Problem Equals Opportunity

Listen to Vinod Khosla, An American billionaire and one of the most influential people in business today. He is a product of Stanford Graduate School of Business where he obtained his MBA.

He has contributed immensely to the growth of hundreds of companies, primarily in his role as a venture capitalist in his long and distinguished career. First at the renowned KPCB, and then, since 2004, at his own firm, Khosla Ventures. Among his notable successes are Sun Microsystems, Nexgen/AMD, Excite, and Juniper. He was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, the company which created the Java programming language and the Network File System (NFS).

This video, while dated from 2002, is still relevant to the fundamental keys and principles of entrepreneurship.

After watching, allow yourself to think about your own surroundings, your own environment, your community, your school, your room. Can you identify at least one problem? Maybe two? Maybe three? Can you think of ways to solve them and put value on those solutions?

If you answered yes, then entrepreneurship is for you!

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