Personal Finance 101

LESSON 1 – Banks and Other Financial Institutions


To introduce students to banking services
To help students understand the advantages of using a bank.

LESSON 2 – Understanding Checking Accounts


Teach students ways to save money.
Help students understand how to open and maintain a checking account.
Teach students to be responsible in handling their checking accounts.
Help students understand a check register and a bank statement.
Teach students how to balance or reconcile their account with the bank statement.

LESSON 3 – Personal Goal Setting


Teach students ways to save money.
Teach students how to track income and expenses.
Teach students how to increase income and decrease spending.
Teach students between needs and wants.

LESSON 4 – Save and Invest


Teach students the importance of saving.
Help students identify goals and dreams.
Help students identify different savings and investment options.
Help students understand six simple calculations that will help put their finances in order.
Help students understand diversification, dollar cost averaging, and tax-deferred savings.
Teach students short-term and long-range planning.

LESSON 5 – ABC’s of Borrowing


Teach students the meaning of credit and why it is important.
Teach students the types of credit.
Teach students how much credit they can afford.
Teach students about predatory lending practices and how to avoid them.
Help students understand the importance of maintaining good credit.

LESSON 6 – Credit Card Smart


To teach students about credit cards and how to use them responsibly.
To teach students the revolving debt trap.
To teach students the benefits of a credit card.
To teach students how to safeguard their credit and credit card/s.

LESSON 7 – Paying for College and Buying Your First Car


To help students understand the different types of installment loans.
To help students understand the process involved in securing a car loan.
Teach students how to pay for college.

For Students 7th through 12th Grade
Limited to 15 Students per Session (Please register early).

Classes are forming right now.

After-School Hours 3:00-5:30 P.M., Monday-Friday
Student Fee $225 Per Session

For questions or additional information, please call Nida Palmore at 559.473.7556.